Antler Reproductions and Repair

How many times have you wished your big buck's antlers were with you when you wanted to show someone the size and magnificence of that special rack? Now you can have an exact replica of your trophy antlers anywhere you want - home, office, trade shows and conventions, or cabin. Maybe you just want a set of beautiful antlers to hang on the wall to fit your rustic decor or to hang in your preserve office to inspire new clients.

Whether you need a copy of your buck or a set of magnificent antlers to enhance the ambience of your fireside, Matter of Tine is the place to call.

Our artists know antlers. Using only the finest quality materials and the utmost care, we make a mold of your original set of antlers. Your replicas are cast in strong, long lasting resin, then stained and handpainted by our skilled artisans to accurately represent your originals. Each set of antlers is unique, but your replicas would fool Mother Nature for accuracy and quality. In fact, our replicas are stronger than the originals and never attract mice. Call us today to multiply the places where you can display your hunting prowess or the quality of the deer on your ranch.

In addition to making reproductions, antler repair is also available.

Here's what one of our recent customers had to say...

Hi Tom, sorry I did not get back sooner. I was busy showing off my rack. The quality of the reproduction has exeeded my expectations. I showed it to a group of guys I hunt with and they could not believe it was a reproduction. Thank you for your efforsts. If you need a reference in the future, feel free to give me a call or pass on my email address. Thanks again.

Aldo Mazzarino
Construction Manager

Reserve at Pond Creek
Country Club of the Poconos
Phone: 570-223-6106

Toll Brothers at Saddle Creek
Phone: 570-897-6062

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